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Going to the dentist is probably the last thing anyone wants to do.  In fact, people would rather pay taxes than go to the dentists.  With that being said going to the dentist is a very important part of our wellness and maintenance.  When we take care of our teeth our teeth take care of us.

When deciding on a dentist many will consider family dentistry covin.  With family dentists you are getting personalized care, experts in their field and the knowledge that your teeth will be in good hands.

Watch what you eat

The first thing to do when looking to avoid the dentist is to watch what you eat.  The majority of the foods we eat are high in sugar.  These sugars will start to eat away at the enamel on our teeth.  Once this enamel is worn away our teeth will become unprotected and cavities will form.

Brush your teeth daily

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I know your mom’s told you this time and time again.  “Did you brush your teeth?”  Well, there is good reason for this.  When we brush our teeth we are removing food particles, acids and other material from the surface of our teeth.  When these particles are removed our teeth will be protected.

Eat Popcorn

Popcorn is a great alternative to brushing your teeth.  Still brush your teeth mind you, but when we eat popcorn the kernels will brush up against our teeth and help remove particles.  Just watch the salt and butter.

Get regular checkups

When we get regular checkups we are going to the dentist but we are not going for the bad things we all hate.  When we get regular checkups, cleanings and other maintenance on our teeth we are ensuring that we got everything that regular brushing missed.  So, make sure to schedule your appointment with the dentist.